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2009-11-09 18:56:59 by ZephMan

Just got a myspace page up yesterday. Shoot me a request if you so desire.

Complete with an eye-killing-fucking-annoying background! yay!

Green Blur

I also just finished a new song called "Thirteen Straws". I tried uploading it here but the file is too big. So pop over to the myspace if you want to hear it.

Thanks everybody.

Orange Juice

2009-11-07 19:08:58 by ZephMan

Just finished a song today. Tried to do something different:
Ballad Of Thomas
Also, If you haven't heard it yet then give my other new( Err, newish) submission a listen:
Akin (A.C.T.)
Thanks to everyone for tolerating my music!


2009-09-15 14:10:37 by ZephMan

I'm working on a new song, kinda in the vein of my last and BEST work (my other stuff is shit, don't listen to it) Pensive. Anyways, I just wanted to let no one know.